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It is the philosophy of Schnurr Painting, LLC that all injuries can be prevented. We are vitally concerned about the human suffering and financial losses resulting from on-the-job accidents, for both the individual and the company. 

Therefore, the prevention of accidents is a major company objective, requiring the active and sincere cooperation of all employees.



It is furthermore our policy that no job or service performed by an employee is so important or urgent that it cannot be performed the safest way. Safety and sanitary conditions will be taught and enforced by supervision. It is our firm commitment to make safety truly equal to cost and production.

Total accident prevention can be accomplished only through the coordinated efforts of all employees. Therefore, all Schnurr personnel, as a condition of employment, must know and follow the company safety and health requirements. 


We welcome suggestions from employees that will further help provide safe and healthful conditions and practices.


All written programs and policies applicable to our operations have been incorporated into this program. A periodic review of this material is performed to ensure that the information presented is current. Each new job site will also be evaluated to determine if additional programs and/or actions are required to protect our workers. If necessary, job site specific procedures and policies will be developed and implemented.

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